Wanted: Compassion seekers

peaceworldDo you wish the world were a kinder place?

Are you overwhelmed by the pace and stress of our competitive, combative culture?

Are you frustrated and saddened at the anger, intolerance, aggression, and fear that drives us apart?

Do you value compassion – and strive to bring caring to your family, friends and community?

Take heart – you are not alone.  And we have the ability to support and inspire each other. Please join us!

Humans are social creatures, connected to each other in ways we are just beginning to understand.  We do know that emotions are contagious.  Stress, anger, and fear can have a tremendous impact on those in their proximity.

But so can calm – and joy – and kindness.  To the extent that we are able to nurture these qualities in ourselves and embody them in our relationships, we can make a real difference that will extend beyond us in unexpected ways.

The challenge: to do so, we need to be nourished too – to be surrounded by kindness, to witness grace in the face of difficulty, to be exposed to new ways to understand and approach conflict, to feel the warmth of others’ enthusiasm, encouragement, and affection.

We at Begin with Me want to create and support just such a community – one that can connect people who care about compassion wherever they live, whatever their background or traditions.

Our platform is simple – a Facebook group through which we can share experiences, stories, information, and resources.  A place we can hold discussions to explore the situations and questions we face.  A reminder – whenever we need it – that we are not alone.

All our community needs now is you: the ones who wish the world was a kinder place, those that are seeking kindred spirits. So that with each other’s help, we might better live our lives – in ways big and small – to make it so.

Come join us!  Find our community at: