Today is the Day . . .

20141226_144101 (2)Today is the day to let yourself rest . . . even if just for a few moments.

Today is the day to be generous with laughter and hugs – for no reason.

Today is the day to look at the sky, and feel the breeze, and wonder at all the life around us.

Today is the day to care for your body; eat something nourishing and savor every morsel.

Today is the day to look at those closest to us – and celebrate who they are (rather than be aggravated at who they are not).

Today is the day to remember that kindness is almost always the most productive – and its ALWAYS the most fun!

Today is the day to do something just because you want to.

For me, today is the day that I stand up to my fears, let go of my ego, and just get on with my dream of building this website and community.  To realize that it is OK to build it a little bit at a time, that what I have to offer need not be unique or profound, and that the “results” are not important.

So I am now re-committing, to share my thoughts and insights as I strive to live mindfully and with compassion, to create a space of peace and acceptance for my family and friends.  I am acutely aware of how far short I fall, but I now understand that the failures are part of the journey – and they help us to all learn from each other.

Perhaps more important, I’ll share the resources and inspirations I find from the many amazing peacemakers in this world.  It is truly a miraculous time to learn from, and walk with, wise souls from many traditions.  For starters – you can listen to mindfulness teachings of Jack Kornfield or hear Dharma talks from Plum Village, the home of Thich Naht Hanh.

Whatever you do today – I hope it is filled with love and joy.  Blessings in all you do!