Compassion . . . begins with me

cropped-Candle-for-banner41.jpgWe are each more powerful than we know.

Our simple presence impacts others countless times a day, an effect that ripples outward to those we will never meet, in ways we cannot imagine. The trick is to use our presence consciously.  If we do, we really can – every day, and in everything we do – make the world a better place.

Begin with Me has been founded to promote Compassion as a way forward – a means of personal growth and healing, caring for friends and families, and engaging the needs and problems of our communities and nation.  Compassion is a state of mind and heart – and a basis for conscious action and social justice.

We are just beginning.  Our initial activities will focus on raising awareness of Compassion and the powerful role it can have in our lives, including how to nurture compassion within ourselves and where to find resources to support us.  In the future, we hope to develop educational materials that can be used in schools, community and professional settings, and by activists.

If you are looking to participate in a virtual community that values compassion, please join our Facebook group.

Namaste and Blessings!

Mary McGovern, founder